Administering your practice……….In today’s high demand environment, the adage about ‘Time equals Money’ has never been more true. Both are important to your office.

We offer a full range of products to meet your everyday operational needs: forms, appointment cards, envelopes, statements, checks, chart forms, filing systems, vaccination forms, reminder cards and much more.

When revisions are needed, we provide them quickly from our in-house staff; generally at no extra charge unless extremely complicated and extensive. Our experience and expertise allow us to make recommendations that can save you money on the products themselves as well as reducing overall labor and administrative costs.

We are experienced in automatic data collection technologies, such as bar coding. One of the most promising areas emerging is the use of electronic intelligent forms to bridge the divide between manual or web based data and the software you use to run your practice. An example would be the use of an intelligent web-based New Patient Information Form to collect the information before the patient arrives in your office. This enables the patient to save time while giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the patient prior to their first office visit.

Promoting Your Practice……….
Once upon a time doctors made house calls. Once upon a time advertising for new patients was frowned upon and unheard of. Today reaching new patients is more important than ever. Forming a relationship is imperative to keep the practice healthy. It also can be costly and frustrating.

Our role is to bring you ideas about printed products to help promote your practice to new patients while keeping your brand in front of your existing patients. These products can range from simple appointment cards and reminder cards, water bottles, magnets, hats, balloons. Just about anything you can imagine can be identified with your practice name and brand.

Other promotional areas include newsletters; from design, production and mailing. We offer design for brochures and other information literature, as ell as imprinting your practice’s information onto literature supplied by third parties.

We can work with you to coordinate your web site with your office literature and image. If you don’t have a web presence, we can help get you up and running through our special affiliations with web providers. We can work with you to put interactive productive forms and information pieces onto your web site so that it provides real value to your patients.

Whatever your thoughts for growing your practice, we welcome the opportunity to help make them real.


Medical Practice Related Products / Services
EEnthusiasm, Economy, Experience, Efficiency-& Emagination = Your Formula For Success

Technology Matters …………..
Few places are as affected by changes in technology than in today’s Medical community !! We won’t pretend that we either understand it or even notice all of it. As patients we only know we benefit from it.

The technologies that we can assist with have make collecting and entering information into your information systems easier and more accurate than you would think possible, saving time and effort. Bar coding, RFID, and OCR are being used now to help increase productivity and enhanced services.

Our new eForms offerings allow us to tailor make electronic versions of your forms which can be printed and completed on an on-demand basis in your office, emailed to your patients to be completed and emailed back to your office. They can be made available for distribution over your own web site.

Printing technologies such as the laser have given rise to new paper / label configurations designed to eliminate errors, save time and energy for tasks such as specimen identification and test requests. Laser chart forms with specialized punching for filing systems, laser-printable statement / envelope configurations, laser checks are available.

We offer economical solutions to monthly statement mailing. Our Info and Versa-sealer machines provide folding and sealing for laser produced statement forms to enable quick and efficient processing on an ongoing basis.

Call us. We want to hear about your practice……..

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