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       Why E5?

          The simple answer is: quality products and service accompanied by real experience, real expertise,

          and real results.

          Our 60 plus years of experience is a resource that frees up your time and creates value. Unabashedly,

          we are sponges for ideas to offer to our customers. Organizations take many different paths to achieve

          success. We don't claim that failure to do business with us is a predictor of failure . . . but involving us

          will lead to good things all around. . . . (more)



        Postal Rules Change .....

        The new rules that just went into effect have changed the game. The Governors of the United States

        Postal Service recently approved most of a plan for rate hikes set out for it by the Postal Regulatory

          Commission, the body that oversees the postal service. Included among the rate hikes that were

          approved are an increase of the cost of a stamp to 41 cents and a new pricing structure based on the

          shape of the package.

          While these make sense .....   (more )

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Why E5? ( continued )

In times of rapid technological change, being knowledgeable about traditional printing methods as well as the emerging world of  

digital print is not only desireable . . . it is necessary. Each print job should be evaluated to ensure it is fitted to the correct print

equipment. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary expense that recurs over and over.


Now that design software is so widespread, all sorts of ideas are being expressed. That is good, but it also can lead to substantial

extra costs if the design calls out process color (CYMK) when spot colors are suitable. Or if images are in incompatible formats

better suited for the web than for print. Or type fonts are unreproduceable. Unexpected glitches cost real money and time. Our

clients benefit from the assistance we provide in this area. Our network of 100+ manufacturers provides a range of capabilities that

gives you the right price at the right time with the quality and delivery you want and need.

E5 is not forced to 'bend' a job to fit into specific equipment. We can choose the equipment and plants that will do your print jobs

efficiently and economically. We attempt to place as much work as possible with companies based in the Rochester metropolitan

area so that together we are helping our local economy to grow and be strong.

Our customers can contact us by phone, by fax, email and can place orders and releases 24 hours a day through our web services.

More importantly, when you want to see us, we come to you.  Return

Postal Changes ( continued )  ( Our thanks to media.sundial.csun.edu   authored by Paul Castillo )

While these make sense, there are facets of the new plan that the governors sent back to the PRC for reconsideration. Among these

is a plan that would increase the cost of mailing for periodicals based on several factors, including the number of periodicals sent, the

weight of the periodicals, and how mixed together multiple periodicals are, which can lower the cost. This plan, which has 55 different

pricing rates, was devised instead of a plan the USPS originally sent the PRC which would have increased all periodicals cost by

about 12 percent.

Unfortunately for small to medium sized periodicals, this plan could greatly increase the cost of mailing out issues. The cost could

increase up to 41 percent for some publications, according to a press release from the USPS. For example, The Nation, an influential

magazine based in Washington, D.C., reported that the new rules would increase their cost of mailing by $500,000, increase they say

could put them out of business.Return






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